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Written by Cierra Tredway

What is Success? Is success something that looks the same for every student? The answer is no. Success can be defined in many different ways depending on individual perspectives, values, and goals. More often than not, success is the achievement of a goal or desired outcome that involves the accomplishment of personal objectives and ambitions. It is so important to understand that success is uniquely tied to the individual. 


As a personal education coach, part of my job is to do my best to support and ensure student success during their time with us at CMASAS. Part of what drives our Personalication model is understanding the students as unique individuals and personalizing their educational journey so that it fits them and their needs. When I get the honor of supporting a new student here at CMASAS, my first goal is to get to know that student and what makes them unique. I work hard to make a connection with my students so that I can help guide and support them during their time with us. I do this through weekly face to face meetings and chat/email check ins throughout the week. Making that connection is the first and, in my opinion, the most important step of ensuring my student is successful. I want to get to know what success means to them. This is where our Personalication model really takes flight. 


Success can mean so many different things to our students. It could be graduating early, working slower to accommodate for learning needs, taking higher level courses, working on courses while pursuing passions outside of school and the list goes on. I connect with my students to learn what their goals and aspirations are and then we work as a team to make a plan for a successful educational journey. Based on what the students goals are, we work together to put together a clear course plan for them to move forward with as well as attainable goals for the students to work towards. I work with my students and our course instructors to personalize for any needs that they may have and ensure that the students are set up for success in their courses. Another big part of moving toward a student's success is having a partnership with not only student but also their parents or guardian. Between the students, the student's parents, course instructors and myself we work as a collaborative team to help them through every up and down of their educational journey. 


I want my students to be in the driver's seat of their education and I am there in the passenger seat helping them navigate along the way. We celebrate the highs and we work through those lows as they are driving forward. There is so much that goes into student success here at CMASAS but the biggest part of that, in my opinion, is making a meaningful connection to understand who my students are. I want them to define what success is to them personally and I will be there every step of the way ensuring that their journey is successful. There is truly no greater joy than getting to watch my students succeed not only with CMASAS, but also later in life.