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Written by Kim Fowler

We know there’s not a silver bullet to educating young people. No single teaching method or assignment type will ensure our students go into the world as confident contributors to their communities, relationships, and professions. And just as no single lesson or assignment will make a successful student, no single “type” of teacher will either. We recognize that to truly thrive students need different people supporting them in different ways. We’ve worked hard to create a team of educators to support each of our students. PECs and Course Instructors are the two most integral members of that team.


The PEC is a pivotal role at CMASAS. Our PECs are chameleons. They shift and change in their approach and strategies to match each individual student. They are teachers, guidance counselors, advocates, and cheer leaders all wrapped into one package. They are the main point of contact for students and families and help them navigate our learning model and the novel world of personalized education.


PECs work extensively with students on course planning, pacing and progress, and goal setting, more “big picture” concerns. The PEC considers many questions related to that "big picture."

  • Who is the student? What do they love? What do they dread? How do they think? What are their patterns?
  • What are the future goals of the student? The goals for the current enrollment period?
  • What courses will help the student achieve those goals, and how can we make those courses a better fit for them as a learner?
  • Will the student’s pace and progress allow them to reach their goals?


But it’s disingenuous to trust a list of duties to fully represent PEC support. PECs are first and foremost relationship builders. They are in contact with students at least once a week and will follow a student through years of their schooling at CMASAS. In some cases, from grade school all the way to high school graduation. The resulting relationship is a special one. They truly know our students and families. And that knowledge makes them champions of the whole student.


Our Course Instructors play an equally impactful part in student success. They are subject experts and work with students on individual courses providing personalized instruction, grading work, and giving targeted feedback. They can deepen an already existing love of their subject or ignite unexpected zeal. They are the ambassadors of their discipline, and they guide students to mastery of course content.


Our Course Instructors are in regular contact with students to encourage consistent progress and provide live instruction and personalization when needed. Some students will flourish in the established curriculum, but many others will need alternative resources and assignments. This is where the Course Instructor shines. They work closely with students and PECs to develop a plan that will allow the student to engage with the material on their terms and prove mastery in their own way.


The Course Instructor/student relationship extends far beyond the final grade. Course Instructors get the privilege of knowing their students through their personalized assignments and projects, and that often leads to a lasting connection.