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Anna Welch
Mother of Michelle Calvert '19

“In 2022, my daughter graduated from Georgia State University with honors at the age of 19. How did she manage to stay three years ahead?Our journey began in March 2015 when Michelle left public school behind for good and started attending CMASAS. She took her placement test at 11 years old, and it showed her knowledge and comprehension of a high schooler. It took Michelle three years to complete a six-year program. CMASAS gave us an opportunity to relocate to the state of Georgia and travel freely any time we wanted, with school breaks if she needed. In her last year she dual enrolled into community college and enjoyed social interaction. Her graduation happened just before she turned 16 years old. I am grateful to CMASAS and its wonderful staff of caring teachers who held Michelle’s hand all three years providing her with education, knowledge, support, encouragement, and amazing travel experiences.”