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Evette Norwicki
Math Instructor and PEC

"Working with my math students at CMASAS has given me a strong sense of community. I get to regularly connect with students and their families in a deeper way as I meet with them online in their home environments. Sometimes I even get to know their pets! This opens new avenues for deeper conversations and is much more intimate than sitting in a classroom building. What makes CMASAS stand out is that students get to work in a self-paced, asynchronous learning model and have complete control of their curriculum. They can finish a course in a couple of weeks, or they can finish a course in a year depending on what their needs are. Ms. Norwicki added, "There are several students who accelerate and like to work through things quickly because they want to graduate early or have certain goals. We have other students who work full-time jobs, whether they are training for the Olympics or are professional actors or dancers, and they need more time to go through a course. And we have some students who might be in the hospital and need a different timeline. Offering this type of flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of working at CMASAS!”