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Gabby Reece
Class of 2019

CMASAS helped me get to where I am today. I not only came out of high school a better student, but a better person.

I had the opportunity to find my authentic self and gained valuable habits that I see other college students struggle to find. I was in public school for many years before joining CMASAS, and I found that students see the value of education more when they can set the terms. CMASAS provides the platform that students need to explore their interests, meet their personal goals, and create their own success. CMASAS gave me the opportunity to find myself as a person. I had complete control to navigate my education and take classes that I was interested in.  It was the Forensic Science class I took during my sophomore year with CMASAS that made me realize how much I loved forensics, and it pushed me to major in it in college.

I am graduating Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in May 2023, and will go on to be a DNA Analyst at the State Crime Lab in Phoenix, Arizona.