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Liat Sauberman
Class of 2017

“Being able to gain the skills of independence, time management, and self-motivation during my time at CMASAS allowed me to graduate from the University of Alabama a year early and apply and become a doctoral candidate in the Occupational Therapy program at the University of Florida. I felt well prepared during the change in curriculum during the pandemic, when all my classes went online. I am excited to use the skills I gained in my doctorate program as an occupational therapist specializing in hand therapy! I transferred from my public school to CMASAS to be able to continue competing in fencing and further my training. I became stressed when my public school was having a problem with my travel schedule for competitions and the number of days I would have to take off. Enrolling in CMASAS allowed me to keep up my training and tournament travel in the U.S. and Middle East, while maintaining my grades. I want to thank CMASAS for letting me have the academic and athletic freedom that students should have!”