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Paula Greenway
Mother of Cade - Grade 9

“As a parent, I have been continually impressed by CMASAS. The flexibility CMASAS offers is unparalleled, allowing him to learn at his own pace and on his own schedule. This has been transforming for our family, ensuring that education fits into our life, not the other way around. What stands out most is the incredible working relationship we've been able to maintain with his teachers. Despite the virtual setting, they are always accessible, responsive, and genuinely invested in his success. Their commitment to each student is evident, and their ability to connect and engage through a screen is remarkable. Moreover, the Personalized Education Coach (PEC) assigned to my son has been a tremendous asset. This individualized attention has catered to his unique learning style, ensuring that he's not just learning, but thriving. His coach's insights and adjustments to his learning plan have been invaluable, making his education a truly tailored experience. Overall, CMASAS has exceeded our expectations. It merges the best of both worlds – the flexibility of online learning with the personal touch of traditional schooling. I highly recommend CMASAS to any parent seeking a comprehensive, adaptable, and student-centered educational experience for their child.”