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Taryn Nikolic
Mother of Aile - Grade 3 and Elisia - Grade 7

"Your program's personalized and flexible approach has been a lifeline for us, truly a perfect fit given my daughter's unique needs. On her best days, she's so engaged that she completes six science activities—she just loves them! This learning model has eased the tough journey of education during her cancer treatment. I'm deeply thankful she can learn at her own pace, which is crucial on those difficult 'chemo brain' days. Your work has made education not only reachable but also fun and interesting for her.


I feel it's important to share with other families whose children are facing cancer treatments that there are options out there. It breaks my heart to think of children who have to attend school in person right after chemo because they don't know about alternatives like yours. At the clinic, I've met parents who had no idea such programs existed. Their kids would get treatment and be back in class the same day, feeling awful. There were days when my daughter could only rest on the couch, yet thanks to you, she didn't fall behind. Thank you for making education accessible and enjoyable, even under the toughest circumstances."