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Tyler Straszewski
Class of 2022

"When I was a freshman at a traditional private school, completing my education seemed like an impossible feat. However, CMASAS not only provided me with hope but also the resources and support to successfully finish my senior year and earn my diploma. If your student is facing challenges in a traditional school setting-whether it's bullying, a learning disability, time constraints, or a general dislike for the school environment-and they believe they would thrive better in a more flexible and comforting setting, I highly recommend considering an online school, with CMASAS being one of the top choices available. While some parents may feel hesitant about giving their children the freedom to essentially be their own teacher, at CMASAS your child will receive the support and guidance needed for success. Online schooling can be a subject of debate, but I firmly believe it imparts valuable lessons in independence and time management skills to students. If you're seeking an educational alternative that caters to your child's unique needs and fosters a supportive environment, CMASAS is an inviting option worth exploring."